Kowhai seedpod ring


Golden tourmalines set in a sterling silver ring

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These 100% natural golden tourmaline kowhai seeds are flush set into a sterling silver band. I have hand carved scallops down the side and hand engraved the ridgy texture of the seedpod.

This ring would stack up perfectly with lots of my other rings.
Kowhai seedpod ring measures 3.7mm wide and 3mm deep at the top and 2.7mm wide and 1.3mm deep at the bottom in sterling silver.
I make many of these rings but they are all different as I engrave each one by eye.
I love engraving with a burr; the process, the simplicity, the skill and the result. You just can’t get that hand crafted feel with laser cut or cast or CAD techniques
Enjoy a rare piece of jewellery that is made with skill and passion.
Size O (slightly smaller, actually size N 3/4)
Please feel free to contact me if you need a different size.
Thank you for your interest in my work,


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