Ceylon sapphire starflower borage signet ring


Handmade natural sapphire flower signet ring

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Borage for courage!

Roman soldiers used to drink borage wine for courage before going into battle…

My rings are cast from a mould I had made of a ring I hand carved out of jewellers wax.
I then drill and burr out the holes for the sapphires which have to be exactly the same size and shape of each individual sapphire, this is the tricky bit because if I take away even a fraction too much metal, I can’t put it back and the sapphire won’t be set well. Once I have the gemstone seated perfectly, I burnish the metal down onto it, to lock it in (no glue is ever involved) For the finishing touch, I hand engrave the details to make the star shapes, I do this with a hand held, hand push graver. This takes years of practice to master, it is very easy to slip out and cut unwanted marks into the design.

These earrings are all slightly different, due to the hand crafted techniques used, and the nature of natural gemstones, so there is no factory made boringness.

The top of the sterling silver signet ring measures 13mm across.

This ring is a size O 1/2

I make many of these rings but they are all different as I engrave each one by eye.

I love engraving with a graver, the process, the simplicity, the skill and the result. You just can’t get that bright sparkle and hand crafted feel with laser cut or cast or roll printing techniques.

Enjoy a rare piece of jewellery that is made with skill and passion.

Please feel free to contact me if you need a different size.

Thank you for your interest in my work, 



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