Bluebell earrings with iolite gemstones


Sterling and iolite bluebell earrings

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Have you experienced the magical scene of a sea of bluebells in a springtime woodland? These iolite earrings are the perfect colour match to the delicate purple tone bluebells.

I have had a mould made of a bluebell I hand carved, so these earrings are cast. I then burr out the holes for the gems and move the metal onto the iolites. After the gems are locked in tight, I use a hand held graver to engrave the bright sparkling details, this is where the magic happens. The piece goes from a slightly rough, bland metal and stone thing, to a refined, sophisticated exquisite piece of heirloom jewellery. The bluebell has 6 sides, each with 3 natural iolites bead set in. Because the gems are on every side, the light shines through to mimic the delicacy of bluebells in a dappled light woodland. (Have a look at my instagram highlights headed FlowersinNature)

Each flower measures approximately 8mm to 11mm wide and 16mm tall. The whole earring from the top of the earwire to the bottom measures 36mm.

Cast sterling silver, sterling silver earwires and components and natural iolites.



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