Cornflower pendant with peacock feathers


Sterling cornflower pendant with peacock feathers

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I collect a lot of things, a majority of which are feathers and flowers. There was a dried blue cornflower laying side by side with a blue peacock feather on my workbench. The blues were so similar that I just had to carve a cornflower calyx and combine peacock feathers to mimic the petals.

The calyx and stamens on the inside (which you can’t see unless you peer inside) is sterling silver. The peacock feathers are glued in.

The cornflower is approximately 43mm. Including the bail it measures approximately 60mm.

The calyx is 9mm wide at the widest point.

This pendant comes with a 30 inch (77cm) sterling silver chain. I recommend wearing this as a long pendant so the feathers don’t rub against skin oils and sunscreen oils. The oils seems to make the feathers turn towards a greener colour.


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