Daisy chain necklace


Individually shaped and enamelled sterling silver flower necklace

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Daisies symbolise purity, patience and innocence.

The April birth flower is the daisy

The name daisy is derived from the Anglo-Saxon daeges eage – days eye, as the flower opens it’s bright shining face only in the daytime.

Roman mythology says that the daisy originates from the nymph Belides, who was one of the Dryads presiding over the forest and meadows. While dancing on the edge of the forest she attracted the admiration of Vertumnus, the deity who presided over the orchards. To escape his pursuit, she transformed herself into the flower Bellis, which is daisy’s botanical name.

Every flower is shaped and enamelled by hand with care and attention to detail.
These little creations are all slightly different, due to the hand crafted techniques used.
The enamel reacts to the slightest of changes in the process of the crafting. This gives each flower a unique charm, with subtle flares of colour and changes in the texture of the silver. Every piece ends up a bit of a surprise, just as nature intends.

There are 7 daisies on a 63cm sterling chain.

Each enamelled daisy flower is 6mm high and 8mm wide.
Made with sterling silver, glass enamel and glass beads.

All components are also sterling silver.

I am happy to shorten the chain at your request, no extra charge.


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